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Frequently Asked Questions - Below is a selection of FAQs that may be useful in answering any queries in regards to Roadhouse. However, please dont hesitate to get in touch with any question or query that you may have, and we will be delighted to respond as soon as possible.

How can I check Roadhouse availability?

Please contact us on l, or click email icon above,etting us know the venue and date of your event, and we will get back to you promptly.

How far will Roadhouse travel?

We are based across Central belt of Scotland, although we regularly travel all over Scotland and beyond . This may attract additional costs for travel and accommodation where appropriate, but please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have.

Can Roadhouse provisionally reserve a date for me?

Yes, but we often have multiple enquiries for the same date, particularly at peak times of year/days. Our policy is to always take the first confirmed booking, so to avoid any disappointment, we recommend that you confirm your booking with us ASAP.

How Do I Confirm A Booking/Are deposits required?

Once all the details are agreed, bookings are confirmed by way of confirmation notice sent from us to the client. We ask that clients confirm receipt of this and that all the details are correct. Roadhouse policy is not to take deposits, however please note that confirmed bookings are seen as binding.

How do we make Payment?

Payment can be made in cash at th event , or by arrangement by bank transfer or cheque (which needs to be lodged and cleared prior to event date). Please contact us to discuss.

Do you play Ceilidh music?

Yes, We play a short Ceilidh set if required , and will normally consist of Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant and a Strip the Willow. Please ask us for more details.

Will You Play Our First Dance?

We will provide a list of currently played appropriate first dance-type songs to choose from if requested, however we realise you may have a specific song you like. If you have a specific song, we will endeavour to learn this for you, but will require a minimum 6 weeks notice prior to your event to do this. If, we are unable to learn your choice for any reason, or you simply want to hear the ‘original’, you can provide a pre-recorded version in CD / mp3 format which the band can play for you. Please discuss with us in advance to ensure proper format etc for any playback fortmats, ie CD/MP3 tracks etc

How Much Space Does The Band Require?

The performance area (or stage) should be a minimum 6m wide x 3m deep. If in doubt, please check with us and the venue- often the venue will know if they can accommodate a 5 piece band , and Roadhouse have played many venues across Scotland, and will often be able to advise from experience.. We can adjust our equipment and set up to suit surprisingly small spaces, or can accommodate large stage areas as required.

How long does it take to set your equipment?

Generally it takes around 45-55 minutes for us to unload and set up but this is dependant on how easy the access into the venue is and also how large the venue is, as it affects the amount of equipment and lighting required. Please also allow us 10 minutes to get changed into our stage clothes. Please note we cannot be held responsible for a later than scheduled start due to circumstances beyond our control, E.G. proceedings in the same room at a hotel taking longer than planned or finishing late( speeches/meal etc). We are not obliged to play past our scheduled finishing time, although we endeavour to maximise our playing time for the event.

Can You Provide Background Music During Any Breaks?

Yes, we have a wide selection of pre-recorded background music which can be played after we are set up; for example during dinner/buffet. Alternatively, feel free to provide your own choices which we will play- please advise in advance in regards to formats/connections etc.

If Need Be Can Someone Else Use Your Instruments or Equipment?

No, the band does not under any circumstances allow guests, etc to use any instruments or equipment as it is not covered by our insurance, and presents significant Health & safety risks. We have in the past accommodated a singer or musician who brought their own along and performed, but this should be arranged well in advance.

If Required Will You Play On Later Than Booked?

Normally we do not play later than the pre-arranged finishing time.

How long do you play for?

A ‘standard’ evening event would normally involve the band playing from 8.00pm until midnight, with an interval of approx. 30 minutes (usually for the buffet if a wedding or other party). However, times of events and occasions vary, so this is guidance only, and we will always look to accommodate client’s needs and timings Please contact us to discuss our requirements, and we can offer advice on running times etc from our vast experience in this area, and also options for later times and /or other inclusions, ie a ;DJ/music section as part of the evening.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?

Yes, Roadhouse have full PLI, and up to date PAT, and can provide certificates and evidence if required. Most venues will require this from any band who intend to perform on their premises, and as a professional band and members of the Musicians Union, Roadhouse have this in place.

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